Performing Arts

Le kustez no palfoma

Palfom- to perform

Palfomada- performance

Palfomi- over dramatic, theatrical

Metera- to act (theatre)

Meterada- a play

Meterada no masik- musical

Meteradovo- theatre

Metarajen- actor

Edaje- stage

Falaxi- prop

Yan- to show (a movie, a show, a play)

Mazzia- electricity

Fena- shadow

meteradovo no mazzia- movie theatre

Meterada no fena no mazzia (electric shadow show), meterada no fe-ma  - movie

Metarajen no kamada no mazzia- actor (television, movies),

Meterada no kamada no mazzia, meterada no ka-ma-   television set, TV

Metera du kamada no mazzia- to act (movies, television)

“Sa meteradovo yanes Wicked” That theatre is showing wicked