Mazziaven is a Subject-Verb-Object language, like english, meaning that sentences go in this order: He (S) kicks (O) the ball (O.

Here's some basic vocabulary to get you started:

Je- I

Opa- he/she

Nuso- we

vo- you

un- a, an

de- singular form of "the"

le- plural form of "the"

add -z or -ez (-z for words ending with vowels, -ez for words ending with consonants) to make a word plural

jen- person

twait- base of "to say, to speak"

set- base of "to be"

put "na" before a verb to make it negative "na setes" (is not)

to reply to yes/no question, repeat the verb. For yes, just repeat the verb. For no, repeat in the negative form (na before the verb)

add -es on to the end of a base of a verb to make it present tense

for example:

Je setes un jen. (I am a person.)

Opa setes de jen. (He is the person)

Nuso twaites. (We speak.)

This is NEVER correct:

Je set un jen

Opa set de jen