balais- to believe

balaisada- a religion

balaisajen- a believer

tiesto- theist

liatiesto- a deist

naitiesto- an atheist

lianatiesto- someone who is niether an atheist or a theist, an agnostic, someone who is niether for or against the idea of being religious

tiestodos- theism

diago- a god

epadiago- a goddess

liadiago- a demigod

palovidiagodos- polytheism

solidiagodos- monotheism

Jesus Kalist- Jesus Christ

kalistados- Christianity

kalistadosajen- a christian

yawe- the jewish god

yawedos- Judaism

yawedosajen- a jewish person

alla- Allah

allados- Islam

alladosajen- an islamic person

daoistados- Daoism

daoistadosajen- a Daoist

buda- Buddha

budados- Buddhism

budadosajen- a Buddhist

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