papulo masik- pop music

cortuoso masik- classical music

ip-ap masik- hip hop music

jiup masik- rap music

jazo masik- jazz music

oketol masik- rock and roll

ponk masik- punk

bet- to play (a musical instrument)

betajen- musician

betada- musical instrument

masik- music

klesend- to crescendo, to go

apo’klesend- to decrescendo, to go down

saksafon- saxaphone

flut- flute

obo- oboe

duametabaso- tuba

metabaso- baritone

tumpet- trumpet

metafazo- french horn

viapano- violin

vialto- viola

viateno- cello

viabaso- double bass

kalinet- clarinet

okesta- orchestra

paklabetada- percussion instrument

dumaduma- drum

pano- high

alto- high-middle

teno- middle, low middle

baso- low

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