Le Maefez Alim

Math (Literally "Mathematics")

alabara- algebra

jeomelti- geometry

palov- to add, plus

alimit- to subtract, minus

multip- multiply, multiplied by

devid- divide, divided by

egual- equals to

Mun paloves dos eguales ton. (One plus two is three)

mun- one

dos- two

ton- three

kuat- four

fis- five

sem- six

sep- seven

kat- eight

nov- nine

dis- ten

if there is an addition to a number smaller than the number itself, use “a.” if larger, use “o” (thirteen: disaton, thirty- tonodis)

to say something is the “first” or “second” etc. put “dela” in front of it

dela mun- the first, first

dela disakat- the 18th

disamun- eleven

disados- twelve

dosodisamun- twenty one

dosodisakuat- twenty four

katodisasep- eighty-seven

sentanov- one hundred and nine

sentanovodis-one hundred and ninety

sentanovodisasep- one hundred and ninety seven

katosenta- eight hundred

miladisamun- one thousand and eleven

jil- million

bil- billion

til- trillion

kamil- quadrillion