Ve, vel- to act, to do something

Set- to be

suim- think

ajal- to go

suisel- to know

e- and

twaid- to say

siav- want

puit- to be at, 在

mirl- listen, to hear

tual- to have

“Je twai a vo, dan vo na’mirl!” I talk to you, but you don’t listen

comas- to start, to begin

-eda - pt. that makes a word a noun

veyda - verb

saverl- taste

daf- to feel (physically)

matos- to sleep

porlt- to have, as in in your hands

“tae tuales de lison... matosa.” it means... to sleep

sivil- to decide, to separate the good from the bad

kam- to see

vualit- to catch sight of

emot- to feel

apluz- to describe

avrijez- to change

deiv- to have to

main- to be able to

fantas- fantasize

balias- to believe

cleat- create

tiod- should

De- the (singular) before a,i,o

Di- the (singular) before e,u

le- the (plural)  before a,i,o

li- the (plural) before e,u

je- I, me

vo- you

set- to be

tae- it

on- proverbial “it” (it is raining- on

Sa- that

saes- this

sasi- there

isi- here

une- a

du- of, to

pou- for

at- at

ona- he

epa- she

opa- gender neutral

Li epa’z- they (feminine)

Li ona’z- they (masculine)

Li opa’z- they (gender neutral)

pas- of it, of that, of this

kua- what

kelle- which

kui- who

kua temp- when

komo- how

kua plas- where

L’etes- there is, there are

avek- with

amna- although

para- by

domo- so