Salima- student

edualimajen- teacher

malisadoro- school

mesopa- study

giasa- work

malisa- learn

tual- have

lesos- teach

depol- forget, lose

seh- only

“De salima’en na’mesopes, na’guanes, e na’malises! Je na’maines lesosa li opa'z!" The students do not study, do not work, do not learn! I cannot teach them!

malisadovo- school

Emot- to feel

klesi- stress

paelak- angry Ji emotes paelak! (I'm angry!)

lango, ven- language

alim- class

Le maef'ez alim- math class

fancaven alim- french class

avesdi alim- science class

Ostali alim- history class

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