De Lia Bendezzos


Fala opa un not- Ask out (Literally “pass them a note”)

Li opaz ajales pou un dato- They are going out on a date

Lia Epafli- Girlfriend

Lia Onafli- Boyfriend

Lia Opafli- Person you’re dating

Gaiji- Gay

Lebio- Lesbian

Omosezzi- Homosexual

Sisezzi- Straight

dosezzi- bisexual

pansezzi- Pansexual

nasezzi- asexual

avisezzi- questioning

kuisezzi- queer

sezzo- sex

tanjendo- transgender

tanboma- transexual

kuijendo- gender queer

jendo- gender

boma- sex

bondezzos- Marriage

bondezz- marry, bond

“Avi vo bondezzia je ma?

(Avi is used to ask in questions for permission, for inviting people)

esogaj- to introduce

sared- to share

iabajen- Fiance

Iona- Groom (iona)

Iepa- Bride (iepa)

Iopa- Person being married (iopa)

Epaviso- Wife

Onaviso- Husband

Opaviso- Married Person