Le Fangez

The Forms (Conjugations)

The Most Important Conjugations-

(Rapilada: Vo meines mesona plusel veydaz: seta - s’a, veya/veha - v’a)

(Reminder: You can shorten several verbs: seta- s'a, veya/veha- v'a)

De fang no na'tua temp: -a

"Opa meines seta" He can be

De fang no seta un axi: -asora

"Opa suilames rejalasora" He likes relaxation

De fang no de Elleda: -elle (pronounced "el")

“Je setelle” I was

De fang no de Iada (The form of the Future): -ia

“Je setia” I will be

De fang no Esda (The form of the present): -es

“Je setes” I am

De fang no de Elleda-Esda (The form of the Past-Present -elles

“Je setelles” I was being

De fang no Na’ming Elleda (The form of the unclear past):


“Je setelleselle” I have been

De fang no de Na’Sompleti Esda (The Form of the Unfinished present)


“Je twaiteselle” I have been speaking

De fang no de Na’Sompleti Iada (The form of the Unfinished Future)


“Je twaitiaseselle” I will have been speaking

De fang no de Somplette Iada (The form of the Completed Future)


“Je pas twaitiaselle” I will have spoken

De condixila fang (The conditional form)

pa... -a

“Je pa seta” I would be

De fang no ados (The form of something-hood)

-dos, -ados

"Je baliases kalistados." I believe in Christianity

Le fang no le Quida (The form of the questions) (at the end of sentence)

“Epa setes ma?” Is she?

Less Common Conjugations-

De fang pou duala un apluz’da pou le vedez: -i

“Tae s’es un spesifi axi” It’s a specific thing

De fang pou duala un apluz’da pou le duvez: ila, lida

“Tae s’es un axi oktedilida” It’s a western thing

De fang no jen: ajen

“Je s’es de cleatajen” I am the creator

De fang no seta un kadoro: -adoro

“Sa s’es de malisadoro” That’s the school

De fang no cammanda: -io

“Vo setialio un gao salima” Be a good student

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